Website repairs are done! @ 14 Jul 2022
Website repairs are done and you can now ordering is back to normal.
Sincere thanks to the team (Will, Paul and Jesse!).

We will post some news regarding upcoming releases soon. Alot of progress has been made. Some of these upcoming releases were very complicated to make happen , mostly due to artwork. We want these releases to be as perfect as possible and are not taking any short cuts, thus resulting in even more delays on top of the vinyl turnaround times. But we will post some news about all these releases soon.

You an expect to see 2 new CD releases soon, both are collection cd's, one is new school band and one is an old school band. I am beyond excited to get both of these out soon!!
Also 2 more cassette releases are at the plant and we hope to have them out sometime this summer. Although not as bad as vinyl turnaround times, cassettes are now taking a bit longer to produce.

HHR123 - GASP - "SORE FOR DAYS" LP - The limited white vinyl is 100% sold out. We still have some black vinyl copies but not many. Don't sleep on this, they will be gone very very soon!!

HHR126 - BIRDFLESH - "ALL THE MISERIES" is now available on Vinyl LP, CD and soon it will be on limited cassette! The vinyl and cd are going fast!

HHR129 - AGATHOCLES - " DISTRUST AND ABUSE / AGARCHY" - Cassette reissue is available now!!

More news soon!! Be safe!
2 classic AG ep's from 1991 and 1993 reissued. This tape sounds MASSIVE. Your speakers will not be able to handle this. Some of the best (maybe even thee best) recordings in the genre!

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