Shallnotkill took ultra heavy sludgecore, speedy crust, lengthy post-rock jams and jangly indie rock, and mashed it all together into an arty, but massively heavy concoction of dark experimental hardcore. Fantastikol Hole jam an entire sheet of blotter acid straight into your ear canal. This shit is beyond heavy, and broken up with weird bits of silence and angular riffing and odd electronic noises and glitches, like Infidel?/Castro! collaborating with Corrupted. Tekken are next, and they´re racing through eight songs of awesome, high speed power violence, almost all of the songs clocking in at under a minute, short brutal blasts of grindy hardcore laced with reverb'd shouting, weird film samples, goofy dancey breakdowns, unexpected starts and stops, ripping circle pit breakdowns, and wrapping it all up with a ferocious cover of Madball's "Get Out". Moon draw the curtain on the album with three tracks of utterly gorgeous ambient post-rock mixed with distorted sludge guitars and cosmic electronics. There is definitely a lot of Earth and Sunn0))) style ambient sludge metal riffing going on here.

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