Halfway through (if not sooner) listening to Toothfairy's Does Not Work Well With Reality [Noiseville], this album is bound to make you say, "What the fuck?"

Jim Gibson's brainchild is oddly charming. If you start listening on a bad mind set, you'll miss the hidden treasures, such as "An Angel Cometh" and "McMansion on the Hill."

There's no doubt that it's really weird. You may enter thinking he's just a metal-head idiot, but when you hear what he does with it, you'll soon realize that there's nothing wrong with that. In other moments, listening to Does Not Work Well With Reality will crack you up, but Jim Gibson really did a great job. His masterpiece isn't made to be understood by all and I think he wanted it that way.

Toothfairy is the band that everyone will listen to, but will be afraid to admit it. I predict that many will be closet fans in a year. It'll sit on your shelf a week or two until you're ready, and when you are, the genius inside it will ensnare you. You'll feel the strange sensation of listening to alterna-metal, and you will love it. Eerie and dark, the only fault is that Does Not Work Well With Reality is too long. I think Toothfairy will gain more appreciation the day that ridiculous, strung-out, dark-metal becomes main-stream.

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