"Southern Cross Ripper", the much awaited debut mini album with six new Dirty Black Thrashing Speed Metal songs from down under. Up front raw production with no bullshit just real heavy fucking metal certain to be added to your list of Australia's finest. For those who discovered the brilliance of newer old school bands like TOXIC HOLOCAUST and/or crave the sound of real fucking metal from over 20 years ago, this is for you! You won't escape TRENCH HELL's hammer!!!

"What a filthy treat, a true surprise. The sad fact of the matter is, ever since the retro craze began, hardly any band has reproduced the 80s vibe convincingly, not even bands who paved the groundwork for that special sound. TRENCH HELL is different. Haling from Australia, home of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, THE WIZAR'D, MORTAL SIN, and so many others, they've done their country men proud. "Southern Cross Ripper" is an EP showcasing 80s Metal worship at its finest. Elements of the finest bands that magical decade produced are observable such as HELLHAMMER, VENOM, DESTRUCTION and BULLDOZER. Clocking out at twenty two minutes, this EP is a short one, as EPs should be. Rest assured, this band gets it."

TRENCH HELL began in late 2004 between HEXX - Guitars and KELLHAMMER - Drums/Vokills, after the first rehearsal "Alcoholic Disaster" Demo was recorded the same weekend as the music was constructed in a mates studio. Kellhammer lived 1400kms away from the bands base so it made it very hard to keep a regular thing going, So we just traded shit-loads of tapes to over seas maniacs to try and get the demo heard. Hells Headbangers then picked up the demo and put it on 7" and then later on Picture Disc 7" with a different master. HEXX then moved from Brisbane to Melbourne in 2005 to hunt down more members to join TRENCH HELL, and ended up in September bringing out Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST to do a small tour of Australia with HEXX and J/. from NOCTURNAL GRAVES as the backing band and also Regan from Nocturnal Graves on Bass..., After that more rehearsals began with local maniacs to try and get Trench Hell on the road, but nothing was really working, and HEXX then became a member of GOSPEL OF THE HORNS. This left little if not no time for Trench Hell with GoTH's heavy schedule writing their album "Realm of the Damned" and playing loads of local Australian shows.
By Jan 2007, Hexx left GOSPEL OF THE HORNS and Trench Hell was finally able to commit to regular rehearsals and record their MLP "Southern Cross Ripper" released on July 16, 2008. The mini album features 6 new cut-throat tracks and was recorded with J/. - Drums, Kellhammer - Bass/Vokills and Hexx - Guitars. Soon after, J/. left the band to work more with NOCTURNAL GRAVES and was replaced by "Johnny Touch". Trench Hell wishes J/. the best, no bad blood was involved so don't even ask!!!

A split 7" with ASSAULTER has been released in 2008 via Iron Bonehead Productions, Germany. Preparations for a debut full-length LP have commenced and the band is working on a European tour for Summer 2010.

Serial Killers, Death and Violence
Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Running Wild, Assassin, Exciter, Destruction, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Renegade, Saxon, Blitzkrieg, Vomitor, Metallica, Slayer, Slaughter, Agent Steel, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Razor, Bulldozer, Dark Angel, Manilla Road, Judas Priest and many, many, many other Heavy Fucking Metal Speed Thrash To The Death Maniacs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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