After mesmerizing us with their debut release Closed Room back in 2012, today we have Closed Room back in this very unique split with two other Belorussian bands that feature at least one member of Close Room in each of their lineups. With three tracks per band, we get a very diverse set of influences and very unique songs from all bands. Thanks to the heavy emphasis on atmosphere, this release is one that you will not forget so easily.

Opening the first part we have Closed Room and their suspenseful atmospheric/Trip Hop track “Surrender”. This song creates a very dense atmosphere that is nicely contrasted by Morena’s vocals and the ethereal keys. The best song in this release (and possibly the first few months of the year for us) is the uber catchy “Dancing in the Dark”. Featuring a very perky mood and highly addictive guitars notes and beats, this is one song that will never leave your head. Things get a bit heavier with their rendition of Angelo Badalamenti’s Laura Palmer Theme from Twin Peaks. The band made this track their own with eerie atmospherics and creepy vocals/samples.

Having a very tough act to follow; Lunacy delivers tracks four, five and six that provide a different dimension to this release. Featuring Stone and Morena from Closed Room, this band keeps more with their Amesoeurs influences of the past in the excellent “One Life Song”. Things go for a more indie-rock with some folk influences sound in the dramatic “Nightman”. With the best song of this band’s side of the split being “Sound of the Storm” we get a certain air of Xandria’s earlier material with heavy guitars and super catchy female vocals. This band is a nice separation of Closed Room’s experimental style and concentrates the more shoegaze-inspired side of things from the band members.

The heaviest track in this release comes under the same name of the band “La Ville des Rêves” which is the project/band of AN23. Here we definitely find out who has the heavier Metal influences as well as the experimental side of Closed Room. This track also features a very intense and hypnotic saxophone track that will instantly capture your attention. The dark trip-hop influences return with the disturbing “The Last Trip”. In this band’s songs the singing is done by another angelic singer under the name of Kathrine Meteora, which has a more firm and less unique voice than Morena, reminding us of Anneke van Giersbergen. This release closes with a very interesting cover of “Blue Jeans”, which is totally nailed by Katherine’s vocals, the heavy guitar riffs and the extra atmospheric elements that were thrown into the mix.

Overall, we are quite impressed with the vast amount of creative juices flowing from all band members of Closed Room. Each of their side project bands are very unique and engaging in their own way, and greatly complement their main band’s exploits. If you like dark music that is not afraid to go into trip-hop, indie rock, electronic, and even Metal directions… all at once, you should definitely check this split release out. Getting nine very high quality tracks is a luxury these days, so you can’t afford to miss “Triangular Cinema”.

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