Ripping thrash fucking metal straight from the bowels of Hell a.k.a Mexico City. Hailing from one of the most violent places on Earth, it shows in the music. This is not some silly crossover band, this is pissed off pure thrash with lyrics about violence written/shouted by a former airborne commando of the Mexican army who’s been in the shit against the cartels. For fans of early Sepultura, Kreator, Slayer, etc. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what others had to say:

"...songs sound like long-lost '80s classics that have just recently been uncovered"

"It can give you added strength and a thirst for blood and sweat unlike anything else that doesn’t involve narcotics and/or mental illness."
-Metalhit/Metal Maniacs

"Strike Master are a formidable thrash unit"
-Metal review

"Goddamn, if these guys were around back in the day, they would've have been puking up copious amounts of beer at the Metallica house and bashing posers right alongside Paul Baloff"
-Thrash Head

"Is some seriously aggressive and exciting thrash metal. The militaristic themes give the music more urgency and horror."
-Sea of tranquilty

"STRIKEMASTER keep pretty much pedal to the metal, marching forth full of killing firepower"
-Voices from the darkside

"Well played chaos with speedy riffs and venomous vocals which all contibute to a frenzied sound that literally rages non-stop."
-New wave of thrash metal blog

"The music of Strikemaster is unrelenting, aggressive, and fast."
-Encyclopedia Metallum

"It is easy to approve this intense total assault."
-Classic thrash reviews

"The band are playing so fast that vocalist Col. Kmu resorts to barking like a dog just to keep up – now that’s thrash."
-Metal as fuck

"Strikemaster in a word it would be "relentless" because they never stop."
-Heavy metal time machine

"youse are all gonnas love this. Municipal who? Toxic what?"
-Metal as fuck

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