The term "NSFW" was created for these two bands: Mexico's OXIDISED RAZOR and Phoenix, Arizona's FLUIDS. Looking at or listening to either band's discography while on-the-clock is liable to get you fired from just about any employer. Unless your employer is a drug cartel. They might get a kick out of this, but then again... it may even be TOO MUCH for them.

Side 1 is the OXIDISED RAZOR half and it is simply titled "DECEASED." Track 1, for which their side is named, starts the split off with the drunken goregrind/death metal hybrid the band has come to be known for in their over 20 years of existence.

It's gross, it's fun, and it's raw. Impetigo and Dead Infection would be proud. Their moms and dads? Not so much.

Side 2 is the FLUIDS half. The band opted for some snarky optimism this time around when picking the name for their half of the split: "SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU." One can only imagine which snuff film or shit-porn the quote was derived from. Do we really want to know?

FLUIDS gives us what we've come to expect from the band over the last few years: ignorantly heavy death-grind ala Mortician meets viciously fast goregrind ala Disgorge (Mex), albeit this time with a new vocalist at the mic. Brennen Westermeyer (THORN) makes his vocal debut here.

One can't help but think that this may in-fact be the heaviest shit the band has ever put out. This surmising is confirmed to be 100% accurate, when on the last track (at the 3:45 mark) the monstrous breakdown hits you in the fuckin' face like a bagful of dismembered penises.

This is truly a split of vile proportions.

Time to get my resume in order; I can hear HR calling my name over the intercom...

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