TOMBSTONES have risen from beneath the ground! In the middle of the dark, damp night, a bone-chilling shriek is heard in the distance…you are compelled by morbid curiosity to determine the source of the cry. You arrive at the massive wooden door of what appears to be a charnel house from an older, more sinister age…as you work the rusty handle and struggle to slowly open the door, the ages-old stench of the forgotten dead fills your nostrils. In the pitch blackness, you can barely make out the features of the repulsive resting place…you approach a doorway that leads into an unknown chamber…as you cautiously turn to enter, you feel a cold, bony hand on your shoulder. More hands clutch at you…you realize it’s too late to scream, and if you could nobody would hear you…as your feeble heart begins to burst, the rotted, decrepit undead inhabitants of this ghastly tomb slowly rip your limbs to shreds…

TOMBSTONES is the new band from Stevo of the infamous horror/gore legends IMPETIGO! His first death metal vocal performance since 1992's classic "Horror of the Zombies"! This album is 2 years in the making and it's finally here in all of its gory-glory! Features Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and Elektrokutioner from Decrepitaph! This is the ultimate horror-influenced Razorback release ever! Catchy, heavy, creative, twisted, maniacal, and ORIGINAL terror-ific DEATH METAL madness!

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