On this split LP, released by the legendary Deep Six Records, Boise fastcore band Hummingbird of Death join forces with Austrian thrashcore band Cold World. Interestingly enough this release marks the 25th anniversary for Cold World. Initially active from 88′-94′, Cold World reunited in 2008 and have returned to cranking out extreme jams for old fans and the uninitiated alike. While the long running Hummingbird of Death need no introduction to some but for those unfamiliar the roots of HOD lie in the spring of 2004 and after a demo, 2 EPs, 7 splits, and 2 LPs, Hummingbird of Death continue to lay waste to sore eardrums the world over with this split LP.

HOD’s side of the split opens up with “Nothing’s Happened” a song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. While the production is raw it’s clean enough that you are able to hear every crash of the cymbal and the mini-guitar solo at the end is impressively technical. While the lyrics show a darker side to HOD’s humor it ends with a ray of hope. While on “Space Fish” HOD’s explores the possibility of alien life and the very real possibility of alien life being hostile to humanity to the point of executing worldwide extermination. While the music is fast-paced it ends with a suitably brutal growl. On “There’s No Basketball Game Here” the rush of speed and frantic dual vocals break down into a slow-paced crawl and more guttural growls. On “Goodbye Cool World” you’ll be pleased to find another mini-guitar lick while the lyrics betray the fun being had by the band and reveal a darker pessimistic world view. “USA Motherfuckers” again displays HOD’s propensity for erudite social commentary while “Easy To Judge” takes a more personal approach to the songwriting process with lyrics touching on hypocrisy and the phoniness of judgemental people. Album closer “Anal Linguist” again touches on the topic of hypocrisy but this time concerning the right wing nutjobs that compose the so-called Tea Party. But for me the album standout is “Shocker” featuring the most scathing and bitter indictments of politicians and corporations alike all the while carrying it out with blast beats aplenty and more hateful guttural vocals. Hummingbird of Death have been around for quite some time and it’s about time they start getting the recognition they so richly deserve and hopefully with this split LP , coupled with their recent full length Skullvalanche, their profile with begin to match the intensity with which they bring to every recording.

Cold World don’t fuck around. Right away they aim for the throat with the opening statement on their first track “There Is No God”. Cold World, (the Austrian thrash band, not the Wilks-Barre hardcore band) distinguish themselves with some truly cold and bitter lyrics which are issued forth from the singers throat with such vitriol and hatred it sounds like he is almost strangling himself with anger as he screams the lyrics. While not as fast as Hummingbird of Death, Cold World are plenty extreme enough. From their deeply pessimistic lyrics to their old school riffs and pummeling drums they get the job done with little flare or excess fat. Each song is ephemeral to the point that you wish they’d stick around for a few more seconds so you could enjoy the rage just a little longer. Each song, one after another comes at you flying a mile a minute, each song seemingly more transitory than the last. Standout track, “The Nihilistic Rant” is exactly that, a plea for the end of humanity and a belief in nothing, it leaves the listener with no hope for the future, only more despair and suffering. It’s a disturbing picture of mankind, one echoed later on by album closer “Event Horizon” , during which Cold World again lays out their philosophy of dark nihilism. ” We’re nothing, nothing but nothing,It’s all we’re ever gonna be,Nothing”.

Easily one the best splits of the year, both Hummingbird of Death and Cold World deliver on their sides of the split and Deep Six Records once again demonstrate why they’re one of the top labels for when it comes to extreme metal/punk. Act now and snap up this sweet piece of vinyl before it’s too late.

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