ERADYKATE is a band from Toulouse (south-west of France), which was formed in January 99 by Julien (vocals and guitar) and Phil (guitar) soon joined by bassist FranïA¿A½ois. We finally decided to record our first demo 'Worldwide Sodomination' in April 2002. That demo was never distributed internationally, nor sold officially. But a few months after this recording we found what we were looking for so long, a second guitar player (Mika), and a new drummer (Steph). We have played several gigs since then and added enough songs to record our first album Rektaliation in May 2003 at Bud Records studios in Bordeaux.

ERADYKATE play sort of a technical Brutal Death with humorous touch. We've been originally influenced by bands like Suffocation, Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Monstrosity and so on. You may also recognize some bits of Czech school (Intervalle Bizzare, Pixty, Cerebral Turbulency, Melancholy Pessimism...) or even grind-core (mostly in the energetic parts). We try to mix it in an original way with other influences from every member of the band (jazz, classical, rock, ïA¿A½), so that in the end, our music does not look like a copy these bands, especially because of the way we play our instruments, and treat the question of rhythm with constant use of asymetric measures.

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